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Roofer, Windows and Siding Contractor Collegeville PA
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A roofing company like JCF Construction, offers honesty and unmatched roofing expertise. Our experts will come to your location and provide all viable options from which you can choose to resolve your problem.

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JCF Construction

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Roofer, Windows and Siding Contractor Collegeville PA

JCF Construction

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Roofer, Windows and Siding Contractor Collegeville PA
Roofer, Windows, Siding JCF Construction

JCF Construction

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We handle all types of siding. Vinyl siding replacement is our most popular but we handle all 3 major siding types.
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We specialize in roof replacements and repairs. Our construction expertise expand into the windows and siding fields also. We can remodel bathrooms and kitchens and make your dreams come true.


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Living in the West Norriton, PA area you know when it rains it pours, strong winds can knock trees over and the snow is not something we look forward to All these scenarios can cause roof leaks. Most people will not experience the huge hole in the ceiling to say my roof needs to be repaired, but most will see spots on their ceiling and/or walls. No matter how you slice it, its not a good piece of pie.

We get it, you are looking for the best price for the best roofing service in West Norriton, but at the same time you don't want to be ripped off (Shady contractors who take your money and don't show up, or leave the job half finished and disappear.). As a customer, you would want the service provider to have a reputation and expert experience in the area of roof repair. We offer a 20 year guarantee on all products and workmanship. And yes we have had to go back and replace shingles, flashing and some wood trim. We stand by our guarantee, this is why all the cheaper contractors disappear. The are blowing smoke up your rear end.

Another important aspect is how comfortable you are working with them because if the service provider doesn't seem to be very nice to you wouldn't obviously want them around you. As a prominent and reputable roof repair service in the area of West Norriton, we wont be able to give you the answer your looking for which is the cheapest price, but you get what you pay for. Our reviews speak for themselves and our over 10 years in service proves we are the leading roofing company in the area.

JCF Construction roofing clients have always been satisfied with the services we have provided and that is mostly because of the quality of the services we provide and our ability to communicate well with our customers which is impossible with many of these other roofing contractors. We prefer to hear about what the customer requires and lay down an action plan based on the requirement of the customers. Only after getting approval from the side of the customer do we proceed with further actions because the most important aspect in any business is trust and once we have gained the customers trust, there is nothing more. Our work speaks for itself.

Fixing a roof can range from simple fixes to a complete re-roof and our team specializes in almost all kinds although most of our projects have been centered on residential roof repair projects. We take care of your roof with absolute care and we make use of the highest quality products in our projects. If you have any specific requests, you can always communicate it to us so that we can analyze the feasibility of your requirements.

Roofer West Norriton PA
A roofing company like JCF Construction, offers honesty and unmatched roofing expertise. We offer a 20-year warranty on all our new roofing projects. Our experts will come to your location, assess the situation and provide all viable options from which you can choose to resolve your problem.

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The roof is one of the most crucial elements for any building. Your roof protects your siding from damage, provides an overhang that shelters the siding from some of the sun's rays, holds up branches and other debris that fall on your house during a storm. If you are in West Norriton, PA or any surrounding area, and looking for a reliable roofing contractor, JCF Construction should be your obvious choice for a roof repair or roof replacement contractor.

Every property owner should be constantly aware of their building’s roof, whether it is a house, apartment or commercial building. Frequent roof inspections should be made to ensure there are no cracks or any other damage. If there are, a roofing company should be called for an inspection.

Think you can repair that roof yourself? Please don’t do that. The roof of a building is a dangerous place for anyone, even for experienced roofers. Carrying tools and materials up a ladder can lead to dangerous situations where someone can get hurt. Our roofing experts are trained to take any repair process carefully and with caution.

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