Is your house drafty? Have your electric bills gone up? You may need window replacement. New double pane window technology and proper installation can reduce your electric bills significantly. 
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Roofer, Windows and Siding Contractor Collegeville PA
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A roofing company like JCF Construction, offers honesty and unmatched roofing expertise. Our experts will come to your location and provide all viable options from which you can choose to resolve your problem.

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JCF Construction

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Roofer, Windows and Siding Contractor Collegeville PA

JCF Construction

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Roofer, Windows and Siding Contractor Collegeville PA
Roofer, Windows, Siding JCF Construction

JCF Construction

861 Dekalb Pike

Blue Bell, PA 19422

We handle all types of siding. Vinyl siding replacement is our most popular but we handle all 3 major siding types.
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A roofing company like JCF Construction, offers honesty and unmatched roofing expertise. We offer a 20-year warranty on all our new roofing projects. Our experts will come to your location, assess the situation and provide all viable options from which you can choose to resolve your problem.

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Our roofers specialize in roof replacements and repairs. Our construction expertise expands into the windows and siding fields also. We can remodel bathrooms and kitchens and make your dreams come true.

Frequent roof inspections should be made by a qualified roofer to ensure there are no cracks or any other damage. If there are, a roofing company, such as JCF Construction should be called for an inspection.

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Unmatched Warranties

Our excellent roof installations are secured by workmanship warranties of up to 20 years and manufacturer product warranties of up to 50 years - most inclusive lifetime warranties in the industry. Our warranties can not be beat. Do your research and see our reviews

Licensed, Insured, and Committed to Safety

We are fully bonded, insured and licensed. All of our employees are experienced for many years and spend  hours of safety and installation training each year.

Free Roofing, Siding and Window Consultations and Estimates

Not sure if you need a roof repair or full installation? Our reviews will provide you peace of mind as we may not always tell you you need a repair or new roof. You may just need a small repair. We never try to sell you anything you don't needl and you can trust us.  We will come to your home free of charge to give you an honest assessment and estimate. If your roof doesn't need work, we will tell you.

Family Owned and OperatedRoofing Contractor, Siding and Windows and Window Replacement

We are family owned and operated. The owners name is Joe Falco and has been in business for over 10 years. With our combined experience on and off the roof we can guarantee 100% satisfaction for your roofing project.

Communication and Expectations

We are firm believers that responsiveness, good communication, and quality customer focus (before, during and after the sale) are the primary discriminating factors as to whether the customer comes away with a poor, good or excellent opinion of the company doing the work. We strive for excellence.

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The roof is one of the most crucial elements for any building and choosing a roofer can be the most difficult decision you can make. Your roof protects your siding from damage, provides an overhang that shelters the siding from some of the sun's rays, holds up branches and other debris that fall on your house during a storm. If you are in Blue Bell, PA or any surrounding area, and looking for a reliable roofer, JCF Construction should be your obvious choice for a roof repair or roof replacement contractor.

Fun Facts About Lansdale, PA:

The earliest known settlers in Lansdale were members of the Jenkins family. At the peak of its growth, the Jenkins homestead occupied approximately 120 acres of land. The construction of the North Pennsylvania Railroad during the 1850s contributed to rapid growth and expansion in Lansdale. Employment opportunities generated by the railroad brought settlers, housing, and local businesses to the area.